Dear followers and readers of, we are very pleased and glad that you’ve enjoyed the website so far, at least we think you have! We are grateful that a website of almost 8 months has garnered tremendous success and it’s simply because of you guys. So for our 100th post, which is upcoming, we have decided to hand over the writing rights to YOU guys. So, if you think you would want to write for our website, or you may have a write-up relating to any of our various pages (life headway, health & beauty, arts & travel, sports, recipes, and reviews – product, science& research and film) please send us an email to, and we’ll certainly put up your post as the 100th post next week.  We’ll also make the author of our 100th post a guest writer, so you’ll be free to write posts as often as you like, and this right will completely be at your own digression.

We are deeply interested and thrilled to read all the ideas our readers and followers have and we simply can’t wait. Also, just to mention, we can also feature the post anonymously too or with a pseudonym, it’ll be completely your choice. So, please send an email to us and let your creative minds do the talking. We’ll certainly pick our favorite post before the end of the week. However, in the situation we don’t get to pick your post as the 100th post, do not worry, you’ll also be featured on the website. So please send whatever appropriate write-up you have for the website to us before the end of the week.

Above all, THANK YOU once again to our dedicated readers and followers, you guys make us who we are.

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