Dear beauties,

My name is Hollie Grace James, and I’m a freelance writer here in Ottawa, Ontario. I write mostly lifestyle journalism, and I’m here to spread the word about the things that I’m most passionate about. I’m currently curating a life list, which is ever evolving, that you will be able to read at the end of this blurb. It involves tons of different experiences across life’s spectrum that I am aiming to accomplish, from my personal growth and my struggles with mental illness, to health & fitness, to wonderful, entertaining, quirky things to do around Ottawa and the surrounding area to travelling across the world and having many adventures. I’m making it public to solidify my commitment, share the experience with you, and hopefully form some awesome connections. Once an experience is completed, you’ll be able to access the link to read the story. I’ll also be sharing local events, fashion, product reviews, and whatever comes my way because I always try and say “YES” to everything. And finally, I’ll be lining up sweet giveaways and promo codes for my dedicated readers. I’ll be posting three articles every month, so please join in on my life list and maybe even start one of your own!

portrait of myself done by the ever so talented Tracey Sheppard
portrait of myself done by the ever so talented Tracey Sheppard


  1. Try every sport throughout a season with the Ottawa Sport and Social Club (OSSC)
  2. Take in a film festival
  3. Use natural beauty products
  4. Detox my body
  5. Go hiking
  6. Advocate for mental illness #wingdsolve
  7. Become a break dancer (immersion journalism)
  8. Research intellectual disabilities and write about it
  9. Take a long train ride through the rockies and take the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island
  10. Sew wallets
  11. Train my cat to walk on a leash
  12. Join a bible study group and learn about religion
  13. Review the books I read
  14. Have an open mind – try out three meet up groups in the city
  15. Learn to play the cello
  16. Survive in the wilderness
  17. Volunteer for green peace
  18. Learn about investing, and then try investing in vineyards
  19. Come to terms with my past
  20. Start thinking about having a family
  21. Learn voodoo
  22. Make egg rolls
  23. Cry
  24. Start documenting my outfits, because – fashion
  25. Review some super cool products

This should encompass a smorgasbord of feelings – some it it will be quite personal, while others will simply be fun, or educational, or different & new. I encourage feedback or questions or comments, and hope you enjoy what I’m putting out into the vast space of internet. Thanks so much for reading this, and joining me along the way.


Hollie Grace James XO