I received a lot of the same reactions when I told people in April that I was going to go back to Disney to work this summer, such as:

“Really!? Why do you want to do it again?”

“Aren’t you tired of it by now?”

“But, what’s the point?”

Now, I can definitely see the reasoning behind all these questions The answers aren’t that easy to explain, but all in all the thing is, the Disney summer exchange program is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just had to experience it one more time.

It’s not even the job, no matter what role you have, whether it’s being a lifeguard, working in merchandise or being in entertainment, it’s the experience you have with other people (both co-cast members and guests) that makes your job worth it.

For me, the people I worked with MADE my job.

I made the closest of friends from places like Mexico, Scotland and Puerto Rico, and when you work at Disney, you spend day and night with your coworkers (sometimes literally). The friendships you create become so strong and it makes it hard to believe that you’ve only known your friends there for a couple of months.

The end of my program this year was probably the worst time of my life. I felt like my world was falling apart and like everything I had at the moment was slipping away between my fingers. I understand how dramatic it all sounds, how can you be so heartbroken over people you’ve known for a mere few months? Yet, the quality of the time you spend with them is so strong and the idea of never seeing them again is the most gut-wrenching feeling to have.

I spent the last week of my program in and out of tears, hugs, online searches for flights to see my friends, and when the last couple of days came, when we all stood in front of the castle for the last time together, it hit me:

This program was the best and worst thing that I have ever done.  It was the best because I had the time of my life, with some of the greatest people I have ever met. However, it was the worst because it had to come to an end at some point, and I just didn’t realize how soon that would be. I told my friends this summer that hadn’t done the program before, that doing this program is like having a pet. You know that it will end one day, and that you will be left heartbroken. However, you are left appreciative of what time you had together.

For anyone who has ever thought about doing a summer job or internship, I can’t suggest this program enough. The friends you’ll make and the skills you’ll gain are completely priceless. I’m not gonna lie, leaving the program is the hardest part about the job, but if you’re sad in the end, it just means you had a great time, and trust me it will be a completely unforgettable summer.

Find out more about the program on the Disney International Programs website!