Since the origin of Wingd (formerly known as Davedeansplace), we/it have suffered from an identity crisis of some sort. People ask us, “What do you do?” “Who are you?” and most importantly, “Why are you relevant?”

The answer we often give to these questions and many more like it is that, “We do not want to put ourselves in a bracket, rather, we would like you to make that decision for yourself. You decide what Wingd represents to you and then follow that”. A lot of people call and will call this strategy a lazy and lackluster move on our part, since we would rather the viewers do all the work themselves. Our argument is that a lot of online websites begin with a goal, and over time stray from that goal. For anyone that has followed our journey since we were called “Davedeansplace”, you will note that almost every year, we rebrand ourselves and redefine our goals to tailor fit the founders, and the team’s personal growth and knowledge. We choose not to be stale, and with that being said, we do not want to be kept or left in a word driven bracket that we’ve assigned for ourselves. We want your experience with Wingd renewed almost every time you visit our page, and thus, we would like you to define us for yourselves rather than defining ourselves for you. One thing is certain though, we would rather be called a website than a blog. This distinction has been a topic of discussion since Wingd was born, but it all comes down to the diversity, and mostly, universal content that we are providing for our viewers and readers. Nonetheless, we personally think our about page does a wonderful job of describing our website in a way that showcases our characteristics.

The more important questions however have been, if you are so great at providing universal content, why don’t you post world news, political and non-political alike? How about viral videos, and trendy topics on celebrity gossip and cats?

Our simple answer to that is that we want to exist outside the box. If there are already so many news outlets and online platforms providing such content, why try to beat them at their own game? There is an epidemic of non-informative and sometimes nonsense content being provided online and it is imperative to note that we aim to distinguish ourselves from these types of platforms, by providing rich and informative content to our readers. There are so many websites and social media platforms that have resulted in publishing subject matters such as trivial world issues. We simply want to clarify that we believe that if an online platform cannot report a neutral opinion on world issues, then it shouldn’t try to provide such content. People often get inspired and informed from what they read online, and that is a very big role to play as an online content provider. You want to make sure that you state your biases, and a possible leniency to one side when reporting on issues concerning multiple parties. So, the time Wingd begins to post on world issues will be the time we’ve agreed upon ourselves that we can remain in the middle ground when reporting on issues affecting more than one group. Other people question why we don’t post on celebrities and videos of cat yawning or leaking their paws for several hours. If you do not know the answer to this question already, then here it is: We will NOT post on irrelevant topics like these. As a team behind Wingd, we are also consumers of content posted online, and we know some online platforms depend on trendy topics like these to survive and attract a significant amount of people, which in our opinion ultimately shortens their lifespan.

Regardless of all that’s been said, we do have an objective, and that objective is to celebrate the city of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. A lot of people that reside outside Canada do not even know Ottawa is the capital of the Nation. They predominantly assume that only three cities exist in Canada and they are; Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. We would like to change that assumption, and that is why despite having more than 10 writers for the different categories on the website, our main and primary goal is to write about the city of Ottawa like never before. If our celebration of the beautiful city of Ottawa, as well as all the great people and events taking place in the city finally put Ottawa on the world map as a contender for lists like “Top 10 favourite places to visit” or “Top 10 most underrated places in the world”, then we know that we’ve done our jobs.

Watch our website promo video below to give you additional insight on who we are:

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