My name is Maxime Lê – and this is my first piece here. I’m studying Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, and I am a proud supporter of my community. In the past, I have fundraised over $2K for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, and I am currently working on another fundraiser, this time to feed the homeless.

I’ve also founded an organization called The People’s Guild, and you can check out the official website. Basically, TPG is an extension of what I’m doing – fundraising – but bringing a new level of awareness around what we fundraise for. Our causes are all linked to the determinants of health. You can find the list of them on the site, as well as links to the current and past fundraisers! I invite you to check it out and even consider volunteering for us!

Now, this article will serve as an intro for what I hope to be a regular thing…


What’s Wrong, World?

A lot is wrong.

And we see the effects of these wrongs surrounding our daily lives.

Whether it’s huge cruise ships destroying coral reefs in the Caymans – raising concerns on the already decaying security of our oceans and destroying the local ecosystems which took thousands of years to set in place – or all the effects the industrialization of our food has on our health such as the increase in obesity morbidity, or the fact that there was an Indonesian smoking baby destroying its lungs on 40 cigarettes per day, or even when the quaint town of Flint, MI has toxic, brown, sludgy water in a developed country like the United States; it all has huge implications in our lives, and the lives of everyone around the world.

Wars, deforestation, modern slavery, denial of technology to the poor, feeble legislation in developing countries, capitalism, oppression, injustice, social sabotage, global poverty, lack of proper education, analphabetism, propaganda, tyranny, oil drilling, politics, utility poisoning, livestock manipulation, weak healthcare systems, affordability, illiteracy, innumeracy, ignorance.

Do these words sound familiar to you? I’m most certain they do. You see them all the time online, in the papers and on the news.

But in fact you experience their effects every day. 

So let’s take a journey together, and learn together. Let’s become better citizens of our towns, our countries, our world, and better it for tomorrow by informing ourselves. Let’s get inspired to take action.

For now though, we must keep our seal, found below.
Congrats! We suck!

Congrats! We suck!

So let’s stop.