Growing up, I always thought that the world wasn’t a scary place. I thought that everything was roses and peaches and that the world was filled with nice and beautiful people. Of course, I wasn’t completely naïve, I knew bad guys existed and that sometimes bad things happen. However, I only thought bad things happen to bad people because that’s what we were taught to believe in literature and in the movies. Most of all, we were also taught that everything you see in books and movies aren’t real so I didn’t believe that bad people were living on this earth. In my eyes, the world was one great big family.

How wrong could I have been? Growing up taught me that. This world is indeed scary and terrifying because the reality of tomorrow and what it brings…no one knows. I am not that ignorant so I do know that nobody can predict the future. But there is no denying that we all live in a world plagued with fear and bad people.

Do you pay attention to the news? Every day and every night, you hear bad news. The Media tells us to be careful when we leave our front door and hide our loved ones to protect them. Protect them from what? Everything! We can’t look at our neighbour on our right or left for too long because we do not know what secrets lie in their closets. We can’t look at the stranger on our left or right either because we are taught not to trust them.

To be honest, I can’t blame anyone. We’ve now created a world of “every man to himself”. It’s like the Hunger games…who survives?

It’s now even become more of a question of which Nation or community survives this all?

This world we live in sometimes scares me. I don’t want to get used to looking over my shoulders all the time. I want to get used to peace and comfort. Perhaps, this world has never achieved peace but why can’t we see ‘La Vie en rose’?

Please don’t think I am a cynic or pessimist. In fact I am not like that at all. I want to and believe in miracles, magic, love but most of all the goodness of people.

So the question becomes, what does this planet really need? A lot of prayers and self-reflection in the mirror if you ask me. That’s what we all need to do, if we want to leave a world that makes sense to the generations to come!