To begin, Wingd is a platform for writers, amongst the various freelance and diversity that we represent. We also donate about 60% of the website to talking and writing about Ottawa. How did this tourism venture begin? Well, as a group of writers behind the success of Wingd, we all got together and discussed the misconceptions and underrated presence Ottawa has garnered within a lot of people (Canadians and non). It has been described as a boring & sleepy town, as well as a government town. Of course, they aren’t very far from the truth because the truth is that Ottawa is indeed the Nation’s capital, and thus, home to a lot of policy makers, and government workers. But to be honest, this misconception of Ottawa is so ten years ago. It’s so boring when people still think Ottawa is boring. We can’t keep selling the city to people. Thus, Wingd has now realized that we can celebrate our beautiful yet underappreciated city of Ottawa and it won’t take people too long to begin to realize that Ottawa is indeed the best of both worlds and it needs to be placed on the same pedestal as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other major cities in Canada.

What are Ottawa’s greatest qualities?

  • Its dual presence – Ottawa has the appearance of both a small town and a big city. It’s population size make for the perfect city to feel like a small town with almost everyone knowing each other and community being the central core of the city. In addition, it’s land mass of about 2800 km^2 , as well as all the tourism efforts have made Ottawa an attractive venue for people that also like the big city feel, like to visit various places, and like to do things without feeling too overwhelmed or claustrophobic with an overtly large population size like in the city of Toronto.
  • Community & Friendly people – Ottawa is a great city to experience altruism, and friendliness amongst strangers first hand. From helping your neighbours run a bake sale, starting up a conversation with a stranger on the bus, giving out free magazines to pedestrians with a smile, giving a stranger a smile to offering a homeless man or woman a cup of coffee in the cold are amongst many reasons Ottawa has the friendliest people that will always embrace you with kindness and hospitality, sometimes even in the toughest of times. Community is Ottawa’s central core, and not a lot of cities can beat that.
  • Bilingualism – Bilingualism is a pro for the city, because it encourages and pushes people to learn more than one language, and helps them practice it. Of course, a lot of people view this as one of the major cons of the city because if you happen to fall within the bracket of people that do not speak both French and English, then you are almost guaranteed to not thrive as well as others in the city in terms of jobs, education etc. In the end, the bigger picture is that Ottawa pushes you out of your comfort zone and learning two languages certainly increases your intellectual ability.

We can go on and on about why Ottawa is great, and why it increasingly grows greater and greater to us everyday but we’ll stop there and open up the conversation to you guys. What do you think makes Ottawa the city that it is? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you guys too.