The past few days have past by in a blur for the entire team of Wingd, as excitement sparked the air the night of September 14th, when the list of finalists for the upcoming 2015 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPA) was released to their official website. We were filled with complete elation and gratitude upon the announcement that Wingd was nominated for the best blog of the year in Canada, and we’ve tried to contain the joy internally these past few days. However, we are ready to share our good news with you all, and we would first like to thank all of the wonderful viewers and readers that visit our page daily to get updated on new, fresh, original and rich content from the brilliant writers of Wingd. The digital media-cyber space audience relationship is one we can’t undermine, and the feedback we get from all of our viewers push us and continue to inspire us all to write our best piece every day. In addition, we would like to send out an appreciation to all of our immediate friends, family and entire support network that continue to bring encouragement to us to produce the best content we possibly can.

Ottawa has been and will always remain our home, as well as our point of focus. Being nominated in the ‘best blog’ category amongst four other equally great Canadian websites attests that our conversation about Ottawa amongst many other things is getting somewhere and there’s nothing that brings us more joy. No matter the outcome of the awards ceremony on November 19th in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, we know that we have already emerged this as winners.

Here’s to many more years of creating excellent content and providing online digital media excellence.

Thank you all.