Dear Readers,

Thank you for your utmost support and for believing in our vision for a better and richer content on cyberspace. As you all know, we recently won Silver for 2015 Best Blog by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs). Nervousness and complete excitement washed over us as they announced our name for the win but in that moment we also realized that we are where we are because of you all, our community. So, thank you.

To re-assess the title of this newsletter, we would like to inform you that we are currently going back to the roots of Wingd’s inception. We are redefining ourselves because in the past year we’ve been placed in a bracket, and we would like to break out of that mold. A lot of people think that we are an Ottawa tourism website, that’s not the case. Wingd was created to provide rich, real and relevant stories on cyberspace at a time where non-sense content permeated and still permeates the blogosphere. We would like to share with you all content that is often deemed uninteresting online, but relevant to us developmentally and creatively. We are sharing with you stories about passions, hobbies and general concepts that people have affinities to…science, food, fashion, travel, photography etc.

However, since we sectioned a part of Wingd to focus on celebrating Ottawa, it’s been assumed that we are generally an Ottawa tourism site. That’s not the case. The truth is that every writer is from Ottawa and thus they explore their passions in the city of Ottawa, hence the reason why Ottawa is often predominantly reflected on Wingd.

Nonetheless, Wingd started out being a digital hub for young minds, and that’s what it’s setting out to do. In a few weeks, we will be re-launching Wingd as a COMMUNITY PLATFORM. Everyone can now write and post content to Wingd based on the image of the site. So Wingd will become a global platform, open to anyone and everyone.

To give our last hurrah to Ottawa, as well as a means to celebrate the very environment that inspires us all to create and experiment, we will be launching a visual look book (#WingdOttawa) into the city, spring of 2016, and we can’t wait. Right now, we have released the video (see below) to give you a glimpse of the project, and we have also launched our official kickstarter campaign.

We simply can’t wait to get you all involved.

2016 is going to be an exciting year, and even more so because we are working on launching our e-store, an app and many more.

So stay tuned, we can’t wait to continue to create and give our best work/selves to cyberspace. With your support, we know that the sky is only the starting point.

Thank you for everything.

#WingdOttawa Book Promo Video: