Celebrating the Next Generation of Problem Solvers


“#WINGDSOLVE” is a global problem-solving contest created by Wingd, and it is aimed at youth to celebrate and encourage ingenuity. It’s objective is to reward emerging problem solvers and innovators, fuelled by passion and selflessness, and individuals who also wish to help their individual communities.


  • WHAT: A contest to showcase young inventors and innovators, who are making a positive difference in their communities, and who wish to create a better future for themselves and for future generations.
  • HOW: Contest participants submit a descriptive article and/or video of their proposed invention, innovation or solution.
  • WHO: All individuals between the ages of 13 and 35 years old.
  • WHEN: The contest deadline is February 1st at 11:59PM EST/EDT.
  • WHERE: Worldwide.
  • WHY: To create a bank of solutions to problems, which may appear more common than at first glance. As Flora Tristan once wrote, unity is strength. By featuring these problem-solving ideas, individuals in other communities may be inspired by one of the ideas featured in the contest, which could lead to yet another problem solved by encouraging and fostering young people.


Guideline for participants:

All contest entries must be submitted through Wingd. Visit our campaign page and make a submission directly through our submissions form.

Link: https://www.wingd.ca/wingdsolve/

  • In the body of each text submission, you will be required to insert the following information:
    1. Full Name:
    2. City, Country:
    3. Age:
    4. Project synopsis:


  • If you will be submitting a video, upload your video on Youtube or Vimeo, and add the URL link to the body of the text area. However, we also accept file submissions in either audio, video or picture format (jpeg, PNG, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc, docx etc) attached to the text submission. Once again, name the title of your video on youtube/vimeo “#WINGDSOLVE: {title of project}”. You can choose to either make your video link private or public on youtube.


Article: Max. 1000 words.

In order to increase your chances for selection, your written proposed solution should meet most if not all of the following criteria:

  • Problems solved must impact more than one person.
  • Originality of the proposed solution will be determined by in depth knowledge on topic, type of community, and the practicality of the solution.
  • How impactful is your solution? What are the short-term and long-term goals for your solution?
  • Creativity and uniqueness of your proposed solution.
  • How well is the solution presented?
  • Strong writing and analysis skills with clear descriptive language, good diction, spelling & grammar.

Please note that submissions in English are strongly recommended 

Video: Max. 5 minutes

In order to increase the chances of your video been selected, it should meet the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity in the making of the video.
  • Effort and thought provoking graphics implemented in the video.
  • Is there a take home message?
  • Is the solution offered practical? and impactful to a community?
  • How well was the overall message delivered in the video?

 Videos with subtitles are also acceptable. 

Audio: Max. 5 minutes

In order to increase the chances of your audio been selected, it should meet the following criteria:

  • Originality and fluid expression of proposal through audio.
  • Is there a take home message?
  • Is the solution offered practical? and impactful to a community?
  • How well was the overall message expressed in the audio?


The #WINGDSOLVE contest will be judged by 5 experts independently in order to promote randomization. The scores will be tallied February 25th collectively and a winner will be announced on March 1st by 12:00PM EST/EDT on Wingd’s official website and across Wingd’s social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & SnapChat (@wingd.ca).


FIRST PLACE: cash prize, online & print publication of contest entry, and an opportunity to work with an expert to implement proposed solution.

SECOND & THIRD PLACE: cash prize and online publication of contest entry.

Please share our contest graphics below. 

wingdsolve campaign





 1) What kind of problems qualify for the contest??

 Any problem, challenge, difficulty that affects a community or an entire country.

2) If I am a professional in a recognized field that already proposes implementable solutions to a community, am I eligible for this contest?

 Absolutely. The objective of our contest is to promote engagement and discourse on issues that may be affecting global communities and working together to provide solutions.

3) In what currency is the cash prize?

 The cash prize will be awarded in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

4) Does the proposed solution have to already be in motion or can it just be an idea?

We are encouraging all submissions irregardless of the fact that it is already in motion. We will be working with the winner and contest participants to provide resources to set your ideas in motion.

5) Why enter the #WINGDSOLVE contest?

This contest is to promote sustainable solutions for a better future, and to give youth the opportunity to take action and bring their ideas to the world. As well as to build a network of problem solvers who want to take charge of their fate and their community’s future, and once and for all stand united to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.


More FAQ questions will be released with time…

For more information about #wingdsolve, visit the official campaign page.