In a mixed media exhibit, where sensual art meets raw emotion, professional portrait photographer Katia Pershin and model-artist Nakisa Fouladi convey the reality behind the curated perfection portrayed in social media with their new exhibit, 405:33, its truest form.

Based off of the poem of the same name by Atticus the Poet, this duo challenges societal stereotypes about the portrayal of women in the media, and what it means to control their image. The theme behind this exhibit focuses on the reality behind a perfected image. In our days of social media, where we curate our image to create the most perfected versions of ourselves, what the audience does not see is the reality of the struggles and challenges that are part of everyday life, which make up each individual. Where Katia captures the ideal image of a model through her photography, Nakisa sets control, blurring the lines between image and inner emotion by layering her own paintings over them. She layers herself into the image, thereby portraying her truest, all-encompassing form.


The photographer, Katia Pershin, is a Boudoir & Nude Art, and Fashion photographer, working in her own studio in Ottawa, within Canada and Internationally. She has covered runway shows, shot for designers and campaigns, and has been published in numerous fashion magazines. She uses her background in music and counselling to draw upon inner emotion in order to portray powerful images of female strength.

Model and artist Nakisa Fouladi’s career has spanned internationally. She has worked in front of the camera for a range of clients including NRML, West 49, ALDO, Monique Lhuillier, The Row, Max Mara and many more. She has been seen in local magazines online and in print such as Faces, Papercut, Elegant, and several local newspapers. She has been featured Internationally in Hey Monday (Hong Kong), Look Magazine (UK) and Vogue (America). Behind the camera, Nakisa is a self-taught artist whose work aims to strip back the layers of artifice to reveal her authentic self in her most vulnerable form.

A vernissage to celebrate this series of photographic artistry will take place November 26th, from 6.30 to 10.30pm at the General Assembly Gallery, 5A Fairmont Ave in Hintonburg. For more information regarding the event and the team, visit

IMAGE CREDITS: Katia Pershin