The Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) was founded in 2016 and it seeks to provide a platform for young, racialized Canadians to become leaders. Through education, networking, and mentorship, YLAC provides young Canadians with a space to gain the tools, skills, and resources they need to become leaders in their community.

YLAC continues to play a very active role in fostering leadership within marginalized communities. This mandate led to the launch of a successful Youth Summit that was hosted earlier in the year called SMART START 2017. The organization’s members have since continued to motivate and inspire almost all the 150 young leaders that attended their Summit, whom are now called ‘Smart Start Ambassadors’. Part of their ongoing work to foster youth leadership is their recent plan to journey to Toronto from Ottawa to attend Michelle Obama’s speaking engagement on November 28th at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre – an event hosted by Plan International Canada and the Economic Club of Canada.

With sponsorship by VIA Rail Canada and the Economic Club of Canada, YLAC is hoping to organize a once in a lifetime day trip for its members and SMART START 2017 Ambassadors to inform them about the economics of gender inequality and the importance of financial literacy. “Ensuring representation at this event aligns with our overall mandate of equipping young people with the skills required to become well informed leaders” says Eldon Holder, YLAC Director of Community Engagement.

This trip will equip young people with knowledge and skills they’ll need to create a better, more equal future for everyone.

“The economics of equality is a necessary conversation,” says Shaneice Gordon, YLAC Director of Communications, “especially if we hope to build a progressive world that is socially aware of the equity gaps that exist within marginalized communities”.

For more information about YLAC, visit their official website.