Music they say connects people and brings them together. So is the case of the Z.E.R.O. music group. A group of individuals brought together by their independent yet mutual love of music. They each lead separate lives but when they come together, they produce magic, which is music.

In a previous article written about this group, an introduction about the group is provided but this post will focus on the individual members themselves, make the audience familiar with each of them and also provide a list of songs they have created and produced together as a group.

Group members profile:

Harold Ejakpomewhe, simply known as Eejay Yawng, is a Nigerian born Canadian-based rapper. He started rapping since 2009 and he is now signed to Z.E.R.O music group alongside PAblo, Uchy and Ramati. He is inspired and motivated by rappers such as; Jay-z, 50 cent and Kendrick Lamar. He hopes to make it big in the industry with both Nigerian and international songs. He currently has 2 freestyles out now which are “hear me tho’ and “Kobe”. He also had a verse with other group mates on the “Hate me now” cover. He is currently making more songs with his label mates and other artistes. So watch out for him and his group, they are the next big thing in the music industry.

Uchechukwu Maduagwu also known as Uchy, a Canadian based artist who has been writing and rapping since 2007. He was inspired by Chamillionaire, and then he started listening to more rappers like Kanye West, Jay Z and Eminem. For his high school graduation in July of 2007, he released his first single, which he titled “We done” and featured Lil B. He is currently signed to the ZERO MUSIC GROUP with PAblo, Eejay Yawng and Ramati and he is very interested in creating more music in the Hip Hop, R&B and Nigerian genres.

Patrick Pillah (a.k.a Pablo), is a singer, song-writer, producer and occasionally a rapper. He decided to go into music at a young age and has been in it for about ten years. He already has film sound tracks and scores to his name. He is currently in the engineering program at university.  Pablo is signed to the ZERO music group as an artist and music producer, with the procrastination mix-tape project in progress. He hopes to show diversity, creativity and quality with the materials on the mix-tape.

Adedamola Shogo (a.k.a. Ramati). He is an artist aspiring for greatness in all his endeavours. He is currently taking steps to achieve continuous success with a couple of small projects yet to emerge. He works as a producer and member of the ZERO music group. He states that he has been producing music professionally since 2011 and he mainly produces Hip hop and Afro-pop. He joined the group with a goal to influence and set new benchmarks for music by breaking new grounds in the type/genre of music that the group currently creates. He is inspired by each and every single beat he hears and that with each beat, he feels raw emotions. He concludes, “Being a producer, an artist or even a listener, music should make you feel. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about”.

The group has succeeded so far as a unit driven by their common love of good music and their drive to succeed in the world. The group’s audience and fans have continuously praised the group for their very catchy tunes and the fact that the group has stayed true to their values and motive thus far.


If you’ve already become a fan of the group just by reading this article, you can also listen to three of the various songs they’ve released below:

Feeling the boy – Ramati ft Cyklone, Eejay Yawng and PAblo

JD – Uchy

Have you seen her – Eejay Yawng ft. PAblo

24 – Eejay Yawng


The ZERO music group are a group of talented individuals bound to be successful. So follow them on their various social networking sites here; twitter and facebook

Feel free to leave comments below, if you have any questions about the group.