Before opening up this article, I’m sure a lot of you instantly knew what HONY represents. For those that don’t, HONY is the acronym for a photoblog titled Humans of New York. In recent years, this blog has garnered a lot of success and wide spread fame because of it’s simplicity and relatability.

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Humans of New York was started by an avid photographer named Brandon Stanton. His love for simple interactions with strangers is absolutely infectious. This blog encompasses photos that detail his journey through several streets of New York, where he meets and interacts with regular people he comes across. During these interactions he encourages them to tell a story about themselves or anything atall. This idea stemmed from the reasoning behind the creation of HONY, and it is completely fascinating. At a TEDx event, where Stanton was invited to speak, he expressed that the idea behind the initiation of HONY began when he realized that all news focus on reporting extreme cases, situations and emotions. This is interesting because its either people have an overtly negative or positive perception about a situation, person or place before it can be reported as news on televisions, internet etc. So, to counter this flawed representation of the general society in the news, he began to interview regular people he comes across, and by focusing on these people that are often referred to as the in-between, he hoped that people would begin to realize that the world isn’t as terrible as people think. Sometimes some of the stories he shares on his blog are completely genuine and relatable, and other times the pictures associated with these stories, tell the full story. In the end, the people that are often left behind and under reported in the news are often the people that are the most interesting and relatable.

Visit the HONY website and the infamous Humans of New York Facebook page. For those that’ll want a tangible and physical copy of Stanton’s journey and interviews, he also published a book of the same name. Check out Barnes & Noble for more information about the book.

The video below is the link to his TEDx speech, which in my opinion is an interesting and fascinating watch.

“Everyone has a story, but I hope to share the culture of positivity and celebration that these people share” – Brandon Stanton

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