Wingd's Creation Story

"If something is important enough, you should try it, even if the probable outcome is failure." - Elon Musk




Back in the Summer of 2013, while at a neuroscience lab at the University of Ottawa performing research for a Health Canada Study, Zainab Muse & David Ebere got inspired with an idea to create Wingd as their first blogging platform – a space that would disseminate rich and informative content online for young people. This idea stemmed from a lack of visible platforms geared towards millennials to offer intellectual content online that was devoid of celebrity gossip, propaganda and viral pop media.



As the Wingd blog began to thrive and even went on to win silver for ‘best blog’ by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2015, both Zainab & David knew that it was time to expand their platform beyond a blog but also focus on other media platforms like video, podcast, and print. In fact the blog grew from 15 team writers at launch to several hundred global contributors in the span of 3 years. It now brands as one of the very few platforms in the world today promoting positive journalism. It was also this growth that inspired the CEO, Zainab to convert Wingd into a company that inspires tactics to encourage the new generation of young people to think smarter and consume intellectual content online.

So, now Wingd has become a full-service creative digital agency offering intelligent strategies on creating content, as well as advanced digitization avenues with new technology tools in the B2B space.

In addition, Wingd has also launched its annual non-profit campaign called Wingdsolve to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and its first book that involved the amalgamation of multiple creatively talented young people in Canada’s Capital city, Ottawa.

The Future

Think. Innovate. Empower

Wingd intends to become a recognized leader in the creative digital agency space fusing content creation and data mining to inspire continuous intelligent growth in the age of dynamic technology.