In recent weeks, we’ve become complete fans of the humorist and online performance artist, Ze Frank. During a recent TED talk event in Vancouver, Frank performed the human test on the several audience members to determine their connection to their humanness.  Some will pass this stint as one of Frank’s comedy pieces, others may evaluate the questions he asks the audience and realize the test’s true significance. We like to think we belong to the latter. Frank asks a series of questions that prompt us all to think about our private thoughts and actions, and then to realize that we are not the only ones having those thoughts because everyone else has them. As humans, we are all identical in some sense in terms of our actions and thoughts. However, we all know that being human isn’t all about the questions Frank asked, it’s much more complex than that. But I think at the very core, we are all somewhat the same. These are three of our favourite questions from the test: “Have you ever ended a text with a period as a sign of aggression?” “Have you ever marvelled at how someone you thought was so ordinary could somehow become suddenly beautiful?” “Have you ever been tempted to or gave in to the temptation of looking through someone else’s phone?” Take a moment to watch the short clip and feel free to leave us with comments. In the meantime, go ahead and celebrate your humanness.