Writing is what I love to do. I eat, breathe and sleep writing. I can write about anything and everything. It’s not a problem, just give me a topic. Writing is the way that I can express myself. I can choose to tell a story, write an opinion piece or even write a blog post. However, most people think it is easy to write and that it does not take any effort. “You are wrong”, this is what I say to all those people that look upon artist and writers as people with magic hands and minds that can spontaneously write words down. If writing was an easy task, everyone would do it. Not only that writing is hard, but being able to make a living out of it is even harder. Here are a few tips for people that wish to start writing:

Take notes

When you write, you want to take inspirations from everything that surrounds you. You have to be attentive to details, the way people act and most of all what’s going on in every corner around you. One of my teachers in my creative writing class back in college gave us a great idea. He said to carry a notebook at all times with us so we could write what we see. It’s also a good idea because you know that when inspiration hits you, you will have something to write on. No, the “notes” section in your phone doesn’t count as a notebook. When you write, you have to use a pen and paper, don’t ask me why, but it’s not the same feeling as typing.

Write about what you know

This phrase is such a “cliché” but it’s so true. How can you make the writers believe in what you’re writing if you have no clue what you are talking about? If your speciality in life is about food, animals or sciences, well that’s what you should write about. Writing is also about having a passion. If you have something you are passionate about and you decide to write about it, well it’s going to be even better and easier to write about.

Think outside of the box

Use your imagination, it can never hurt you. You can ask Ms. J.K. Rowling about that. Writing is like having a power. You can invent a better world or have the abilities to ill people or just turning the simplest thing to a wonderful thing. The best part of writing is transporting readers into a world they never knew was even possible of existing.

Always erase and rewrite

The frustrating part about being a writer is that your texts, especially the stories are never finals. You can always rewrite, write more, erase some parts and restart over again. You are always trying to make your text better than it actually is. When everybody tells you it’s perfect, you’re the first person to doubt them and think of ways to make it more perfect. It will never be possible, because deep down you will never truly be satisfied with what you wrote, but at some point you have to let it go.

Be prepared to get criticized

When you write, you reveal a part of who you are to the world. They have an open access to your feelings, thoughts and life experiences. People think they know you so they question and criticize what you wrote because sometimes, these people feel they can write it better than you did. They probably can write it better, but they are not the ones writing the piece. Don’t be afraid to write about a certain topic because you are afraid of what other people will think. Don’t censure yourself for anything or anyone.