Hello beautiful people,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and have fully recovered from all the turkey and stuffing ingested over the long weekend. It’s time to gather all the energy you can because, if you do not already know, there’s something new in our city – the TOPSHOP pop-up store. It is now open on the 3rd floor at Hudson’s Bay Rideau (on your left-hand side as soon as you enter the women’s department). As a lot of people may already know, Topshop is a UK-based fashion retailer that was founded in 1964. Since starting up in the basement of a department store called Peter Robinson, Topshop has grown beyond measures with numerous stores worldwide and various categories like Topshop boutique, unique, tall, petite and maternity to accommodate everyone. It definitely did not forget its roots, as it has been one of the brands carried at Hudson’s Bay for about 4 years. This multinational retailer certainly has everything, from a large variety of clothing items to accessories and even down to makeup. I highly recommend giving it a shot as it is worth the while. The pop-up store is only there to enable you beautiful shoppers have access to their pieces before the boutique opens within the departmental store in November. There is a lot in store for that so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. With Ottawa being the capital city and fashion becoming a big deal, it was only fair to open a store here.

Also, last weekend marked the beginning of “bay days”, which is often heralded as the company’s lowest prices of the season. It is certainly the best opportunity to stock up on some essentials so be sure to drop by and see what they have to offer, you might get lucky and score the greatest deal of the season!

Topshop is a phenomenal addition to the numerous stores we have in our city, so I urge you to drop by as soon as possible and see it for yourself.

Peace and Love.