Season 1,

Episode 10: Human Rights & Genocide in Darfur with Hassan Hassan

November 23, 2016

Hassan Hassan is a Human Rights Activist and genocide victim from Darfur, Western Sudan. At a very early age, he witnessed the brutal killing of his father and brother, and the loss of his family home. So, he moved into an internal displacement camp in Darfur with his mother and siblings. They eventually moved to Uganda where he and his family were refugees for 7 years until their migration to Manitoba, Canada in 2013 – when Hassan was 19 years old.

After completing his college education in Manitoba, he eventually moved to Ottawa, where he founded Sudan Allied Youth (SAY) to collaborate with other human rights activists and to provide support to refugee camps in Sudan.

Hassan is not only driven, inspiring and motivating, he believes wholeheartedly that most of the problems in Sudan can be solved by dialogue, and by motivating the youth of today to bring about light & peace for the country.

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