Tammy Laverty is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and real estate agent, famously known for opening a Senators-Bruins game with a fierce & powerful rendition of O Canada and The Star Sprangled Banner in a custom strapless mini-dress made entirely from a cut down Ottawa Senators hockey jersey. Since, that event in 2011 and with the admiration of 20,000 hockey fans present on that day, she has gone on to open several home games both in Ottawa and away with her powerful voice and great sense of fashion style.

Once her image in the strapless dress went viral back in 2011, Laverty immediately spotted an unexpected business opportunity and founded her own company called Laverty Designs.

You guessed it – Laverty Designs is all about providing variants of jersey dresses for women of all ages and sizes to empower them to support their favourite sport’s team while looking stylish, confident and chic.

Not surprisingly, Laverty’s dresses have made huge waves around Canada and beyond, and can be bought at pop-up shops at major game events, as well as stores in Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. To covet a jersey dress of your own & for more information, visit the official website of Laverty Designs.

One thing is for sure, Laverty has created something unique and stylishly different. So, if women can wear something that makes them feel strong, unique, confident, and fashionable while supporting their favourite sport’s team, then why not?