Wingdsolve is the non-profit branch of Wingd that was launched in 2016 to solve some of the world's toughest problems. This branch of Wingd aims to achieve its goal by empowering and supporting young problem solvers and innovators, as well as kind and altruistic people all across the globe. The mandate of Wingdsolve will be facilitated through annual campaigns launched by the Wingd team.

wingdsolve campaign


The goal of the #wingdsolve campaign is to encourage problem solvers around the world to look to their immediate community and send us one innovative solution to an issue affecting that community. These solutions can be submitted via video, audio or written format. We will publish these solutions on our website to facilitate visibility for the solutions. We will also work with one winning initiative annually and provide the creators/ambassadors of the initiative  with the needed resources to help bring their ideas to life in their community or country. The deadline for submissions to this campaign is always Feb. 1st of each year. 

To make a submission, please fill out the form below.

P.S. Make text submissions of your solutions into the text area below. You can use the "choose file" option to attach supporting files in audio, video, photo or text document formats (mp3, mp4, jpeg, PNG, pdf, docx, doc, etc). Max. size allowed is 5mb



    A Thoughtful Gift

    Every year during the December holiday season, Wingd will donate 100 care packages to shelters in need. The aim is to eventually expand and gift these packages to shelters across the globe in order to spread the act of giving and kindess around the world.  


    More campaigns coming soon!